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Automatically detect check-out, add to cart, and uptime issues on your ecommerce website.
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15% of buyers leave their shopping cart at check-out due to website errors. Merrore helps you uncover what’s happening, when it's happening, and how to fix it.

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Receive notifications for critical errors. Quickly identify what's preventing your customers from ordering.

Save time

Understand what led to the error with user experience recordings. Remove back-and-forth with your developers thanks to our developer diagnosis.

Make money

Increase basket-size and return rates by providing a seamless experience. Benefit from a complete overview of all the issues affecting your site.

Issue detection made easy

Leverage the Merrore dashboard to see how much issues with your website are costing you. You will be able to see how often each issue is happening, where it is happening and how critical the issue is.

A breeze to install

You can add Merrore to your site without any developers using Google Tag Manager. You will be up and running in five minutes. Our technology does not slow down your site or store any private information.


Our customers experience a 200% average ROI on their subscription thanks to new errors being detected.

"We were able to detect an issue affecting Safari users. It ended up saving us over $9,000 since we didn't know it was happening as some sales were still going through."

Andrew, Director of ecommerce

"We launched a new homepage widget for the holidays. Three days after going live we got Merrore's alert! It was causing flickering issues on mobile.

Cayley, Vice President Digital

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